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Nowadays, most Civil Engineering works have plenty of structures, such as overpasses and underpasses, which are usually executed on formwork.

The use of Post-Tensioning techniques is vital for the construction of this type of structures (built at the site) with the following main advantages:

  • Reduced costs
  • Greater spans
  • Less edges
  • Elimination of joints
  • Greater durability

These structures can be executed in one or various phases, depending on their length.

Tecpresa offers many different typologies that cover all post-tensioning requirements for this type of structures:

  • Anchors, from 1 to 37, 0.6
  • Continuity anchors
  • Active and Passive Anchors
  • Vertical and horizontal tendons used to join abutments
  • Adjustable anchors
  • Cement, wax or grease grout injections

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