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Nowadays, Civil Works viaducts are built with greater spans and at greater heights.

Therefore, the construction techniques have been improved with the use of Self-launching Formwork Structures, Launching Carriers or Launching Techniques.

The self-launching formwork is described as a device that supports and transports the exterior casing (or interior casing, in some cases), supported on the piles, with no formwork removal required until the end of the structure completion phase.

This system can achieve a sustained performance of a maximum span of 50 m each week.

The rate of post-tensioning execution and its continuity between spans is vital in this type of structures, since the failure to carry out the alignment processes, achieve the continuity between spans or execute the tensioning operations within the minimum times would lead to the imbalance of activities in the weekly cycle, with the corresponding losses.

Tecpresa offers fully automated procedures for the execution of the vital tensioning operations that not only comply with but can improve the works forecasts.

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