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Commitment to quality

Tecpresas track record is just an example of its commitment to quality, having participated as one of the main players in different projects and works, while obtaining many awards in the civil engineering Sector.

The company implemented the Quality System, in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2000 Standard, as a result of the commitment with its customers. Therefore, said system has been applied to all areas in the company.

Continuous training of the company's staff

Tecpresa can boast one of the most experienced staffs in the sector, which acts as the pillar of the Company.

Tecpresas philosophy is based on continuous training of its staff, including all aspects: Regulations, Theory of Concrete, New Systems, Prevention of Occupational Hazards, etc.

Own resources

100% of Tecpresas capital is in the hands of Spanish shareholders and it has its own manufacturing resources.

Therefore, the company has an enormous advantage when developing any tailored solution within a record time and with an impressive swiftness.

Research and Development

Given the non-stop progress and development of construction techniques and calculations, structures are becoming more and more slender, with greater spans and smaller edges, challenging gravity as every day passes.

Tecpresa has a Research and Development Department that focuses on the development of new systems, helping Project Designers let their imagination run free and forget about the constraints related to the current evolution of construction systems.

Participation in the design and drafting of regulations

Tecpresa actively participates in the design and drafting of national (ACHE) and international (CEN) regulations and technical recommendations.

Likewise, Tecpresa is a member of the leading certification bodies, such as AENOR, Technical Road Committee (Cómité Técnico de la Carretera), ANIPAR, IABSE and FIB, among others..

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