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  1. Post-tensioning in balanced cantilever viaducts

Portal / Post-tensioning in balanced cantilever viaducts

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This method is base don carriage formwork travelers which advance symmetrically from the pier in segments between 3-10 meters in length.

This method is used in viaducts with long spans where the use of other methods is impossible.

Tecpresa has executed among others the Pujayo and Montabliz Viaducts in the Autovia Cantabria Meseta. Tramo Pesquera Molledo.

The Montabliz Viaduct has not only one of the tallest pier in Spain but also the biggest span. The cantilever segment have a length of 10 m.l. and it has post-tension tendon of 31 strand and 162 meters length.

Tecpresa has executed this project with all the necessary means to achieve more than a segment per week and pier.

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