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  1. Tensioning of viaduct segments

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Tecpresa is the most experienced company in the Prefabricated Viaduct Segment Tensioning market.

This type of viaduct has a platform built in segments of approximately 2.4 m, which are then set with the launching carrier.

The sections start being placed on the pile section and advance in a T-shaped projection until they meet the corresponding T-shaped projection of the next pile.

Logically, segments are joined with post-tensioning operations. At times, the second phase Pre-tensioning operations are available, in order to facilitate the performance of the launching operations, which will be responsible for absorbing the service loads.

The execution of tensioning operations for this type of viaducts is highly complex, as a result of the following:

  • Post-tensioning is regarded as the critical path to launch the next section or segment. This is how 10 Segments have been launched per launcher and day.
  • The space is limited for the execution of tensioning operations on viaducts with a variable edge, which can have a height of less than 1.20 m.l. Therefore, Tecpresa has developed special tools to attain a high performance in highly reduced spaces.
  • The handling dangers lie in the fact that in many cases there is no load during the tensioning operations. 

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